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Reflecting on Iris (PC 214)

Reflecting on Iris (PC 214)

Postcards are a great way to send a quick note or thought 
on the spur of the moment. And, the painting image can always be framed for any small space whether it be a wall, a shelf or a table.

These postcards are regulation size per the US Postal Service (4in x 6in).

The painting image you see here is on the entire front side of the post card with a small white margin on the top and bottom of the image. The reverse side has space for a note and the address.

Discount coupons may be used when purchasing 3 or more postcards and are located on the Check-out Page.

There is free shipping in the continental (lower 48) United States and no additional charge for tax. (Please contact if you are outside this area.)
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    Reflecting on Iris 214
    Postcard (PC) 214
    Copyright 2010

    Also available as:
    Matted Print (MP)
    Note Card (NC)
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